Saturday, September 10, 2011

SwagBucks Proof of Payment

I always get PayPal gift cards when I cash out at SwagBucks.     I would just rather have the cash to put where I want.  But I gotta say, some of those other prizes or gift cards are looking pretty good.  Some are at a considerably less price also. 
PayPal gift card form SwagBucks
I have posted here some of my PayPal gift card transaction and notifications so that you can see proof of payment enabling you to feel more confident about joining Swagbucks and spending your time there.

This first picture is a screenshot of my SwagBucks account confirming my order.  Here I cashed out with a $10.00 PayPal gift card.

It was only a week or so later that the gift cards went on sale. 
Swagbucks add up pretty fast so I was able to go ahead and grab one more.  This is the order verification for another $10.00 Paypal gift card.

This shot is also from my Swagbucks account.  It shows the first Paypal gift card as already shipped and the second one as verified but not yet shipped.  By shipped they mean deposited into your Paypal account.  Its actually called a e-gift card.
You can also see here a few of the $5.00 Paypal gift cards I had previously cashed out and received.

Here we have an email from Paypal informing me that Swagbucks had deposited $10.00 into my Paypal account.

This screenshot is form my Paypal account showing the first $10.00 gift card along with a few other $5.00 gift cards. 

 Last is just a close up shot from my Paypal account showing the $10.00 gift card deposit from Swagbucks .

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  1. Swagbacks is such a great site because you get paid for doing searching which I do everyday anyway. Swagbucks > google.

    I always get the paypal gift card too. Looks like we are on the same good path ;)

  2. I love Swagbucks, it's super amazing. I spend most of my time looking for other free sites just as good or better, no luck so far finding a better site but I have found a few good along the way.

  3. SwagBucks is a very popular get-paid-to website.